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Ideal for tight spaces or reduced height
Anti-Blackout system standard
Innovative H2E® High Efficient Energy traction

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Energy-saving electric mini-platform

Miniwatt® is an Electric Lifting Platform that has no cabin walls, it is equipped with a loading platform with a sensitive protective edge and its mechanical parts are completely hidden from view by a coloured steel panel.

The last landing floor can be served with a gate instead of a classic door because the overall height is only 1400 mm.

The main advantages of the Miniwatt® Platform are that:

  • It makes the most of the available space;
  • It is ideal for people who do not like to be inside enclosed spaces;
  • It is the least aesthetically invasive solution;
  • Allows elevating platforms to be installed in places where they usually cannot fit such as, attics, lofts and all those places, where the top floor landing is of reduced height.
  • These features make it possible to add value to the building in which Miniwatt® is installed, both in terms of technical features and the various possibilities it offers to integrate aesthetically with the surrounding environment; it is perfect for single-family homes and businesses, and since it is customisable it is perfect for renovations.

    Like all A.R.E. Elevators, Miniwatt® uses the innovative traction system, patented¹ ARE® H2E, which consumes only 150 Watts and allows the platform to be used even in the event of a prolonged blackout.


    A.R.E. srl elevatori a batteria e a risparmio energetico

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    Technical features of the energy-saving MiniWatt electric elevating platform

    Technical Features

    Manoeuvre in cabin: Manual
    Manoeuvre from floor: Automatic
    Maximum Capacity: 250Kg
    Maximum Speed: 0,15m/sec. (EU)
    Minimum Head: 2.000mm
    Maximum Stroke: 24.000mm
    Minimum Pit: 130mm
    Electricity Supply: 230V
    Power Consumed: 0,15kW
    Technical features of the energy-saving MiniWatt electric elevating platform by A.R.E.

    Power Grid

    Electricity Supply: 230V
    Power Consumed: 0,15kW
    Peak Absorption: Absent
    Power Input: 0,6A

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