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A.R.E. and its business partners

Almost all of the elevator manufacturers have a double commercial channel: the Direct channel, made up of their own sales representatives and a network of local partners.

This type of organization creates - often - confusion both in the partners and in the final Customers, who find a double commercial management of the same offers on the same territory.

Always A.R.E. it is exclusively focused on industrial and production aspects, developing synergies and commercial agreements with a Sales Network formed by the best professionals in the sector, with a specific knowledge of their territory and Customers.

What are the advantages of a single sales network?

Although it may seem that having a single Commercial Network rather than two, is limited to achieving its objectives, ARE, with its constant growth on the market and its attention to the product, has managed to guarantee a widespread coverage of the territory and to eliminate any risk of commercial overlap.

This allows our commercial partners to focus on their work without having to "watch their backs from direct competitors".

Also for the customer this solution is advantageous: in fact, a commercial partner of A.R.E. - totally focused on finding the most suitable solution - will be able to help him in defining all details of product customization.

Asking us information - or even a quotation - will start a mechanism where A.R.E. will identify the business partner closest to you and put him in a position to offer you the perfect solution for any application.

Contact us and let us introduce you to our local partner.

Who is interested in our products?

  • Installers

    A.R.E. does not sell directly to end-users but uses a network of highly qualified dealers and installers, who are able to guarantee the highest quality of pre and after sales service. Selected professional operators, who value our products make up the first and most important aspect of A.R.E. on the market.


    The absolute customization of our elevating systems best satisfies the needs of those who have to imagine spaces according to the characteristics of the environment and its owners, both in terms of shapes and furnishing. A.R.E. is the ideal partner to create the synergies necessary to achieve optimal results.

    Interior Designers

    As with architects, interior designers, need flexibility when considering technical solutions. Since our elevating systems can be adapted to any space and location, they are an ideal solution for interior designers to explore.

  • Construction Companies

    Every elevating system has an impact on how a building is made or renovated. We understand the intricacies of construction, and that is why we are able to support the needs, timelines, and work progress schedules of construction companies.

    Apartment Block Administrators

    Apartment Block Administrators understand that elevators do not just have a physical dimension they also have a "social" one. Choosing the right elevator is important. The wellbeing of tenants is often dependent on its reliability, efficiency, direct and maintenance costs, and continuity of service.

    Building Owners

    Building and house owners, above all others, need elevators that are both efficient and adaptable to the space they have. However, they also want a product that reflects their environmental concerns; a product that will save energy, that will reduce pollution, and will recuperate part of the energy it uses.

Our Products

A.R.E. offers 3 product types with specific features to satisfy all installation needs.

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Our Technology

The technology used by A.R.E. is proprietary, having been developed by developing innovative, cutting-edge solutions.

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Our Installations

Our solutions can be adapted to any installation, which architects and designers may request, making it easier to make the most of the spaces we live in.

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